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Valerie Neslen Functional Nutrition

You once enjoyed life...


And it’s frustrating because you know if you could just get to the bottom of your health struggles then you’d be able to be present for your family and actually enjoy this life you’ve worked so hard to create.


But you’re sick of questions that never really get a real answer and feeling like you have no place to turn.


That’s where I come in!

The health advocate you always dreamed of but didn’t know you could find!

I know what it’s like to be weighed down with nagging symptoms but have nowhere to turn for clear answers. You’re alive but you don’t really FEEL alive...


I know how it feels because I’ve been right where you are.


After dealing with the complex health struggles of both my own and my childrens', I became passionate about helping others uncover the hidden answers to their own health problems.

I take a different approach than most other nutritionists & practitioners out there:

02 - custom program

Based on our findings from the initial interview and lab results, I will then create a custom step-by-step program to get you back to optimal health in the most straightforward method possible.

03 - personalized support

Over the next few months, I will guide you through this process. Walking you through each step, holding you accountable, adjusting the protocol as needed, and listening to your unique needs all along the way.

01 - Initial interview

This is where I get to truly understand you, your struggles and your goals! Health is a matter close to the heart and I want you to feel as comfortable confiding in me as possible. During this time we will dive into your health history while also getting you started with some initial steps.

A few of my favorite things

Classical! (Take me to the symphony!)

Steak, Med-Rare

Goose Girl, by Shannon Hale

Peach Blossoms

Music, Playing the French horn!

And last but not least, I love helping motivated people, just like you, get to the root cause of their complex health issues so they can get back to enjoying the life they’ve worked so hard to create!

“Five years ago I contracted a bug-born blood disease. It dramatically impacted my life and caused long term auto-immune issues. About 2.5 years into that experience, I started working with Valerie. It was a major turning point in my health.

She was kind, understanding, and intuitive. Her suggestions were always insightful and she did a great job of communicating options and looking at the big picture. She also has been great at helping me become more in tune with my own body. There are few health care providers that I trust or value as much as Valerie. It is hard for me to quantify in words how much she has helped me progress, and is still helping me.  She is an incredible advocate and nutritional therapist. I do not want to imagine where I would be without her.”

Keryn A.


With several years of education and clinical experience, I want to be your guide back to health, so you can find answers and solutions to the complex health issues that have you feeling scared and alone.

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