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Valerie Neslen Functional Nutrition

Getting to the Root Cause

I help motivated individuals overcome chronic health issues so they can get back to living the beautiful life they've created!

a Science - backed approach

Through functional lab testing, data-backed protocols and tailored support, Valerie Neslen Functional Nutrition helps you get to the root cause of your health issues. That means no more wasted time or money spent on guessing! I’ll give you the insight you need so that together we can create a customized program that will get you back to feeling healthy, happy and empowered!

Valerie is amazing!! She helped me figure out which foods cause my “foggy brain” and sluggish body. She also helped me use the foods I eat to give me more energy and motivation. I sleep better (and I am waaay less gassy–can I say that?) and just feel better overall. And though it wasn’t a goal, a happy side-effect of the dietary changes was that I lost weight from cutting out some of the foods my body didn’t handle very well. I didn’t realize how much I was just dealing with on a daily basis until I cut out certain foods and felt SO MUCH BETTER. I’ve had such a positive experience with Valerie that I have enlisted her help with two of my young daughters as well. She has helped us tackle digestion issues, anxiety, and skin concerns for them with great success.”

Andrea H.

How it works

Initial Interview

This is where I get to truly understand you, your struggles and your goals! Health is a matter close to the heart and I want you to feel as comfortable confiding in me as possible. During this time we will dive into your health history while also getting you started with some initial steps.

Custom Program

Based on our findings from the initial interview and lab results, I will then create a custom step-by-step program to get you back to optimal health in the most straightforward method possible.

Personalized Support

Over the next few months, I will guide you through this process. Walking you through each step, holding you accountable, adjusting the protocol as needed, and listening to your unique needs all along the way.

After solving not only my own health struggles, but also those of my newborn twins, I realized the power that lay in nutrition. This passion was a calling to help others who were struggling with their health just as I had years prior.

Hi there
I'm Valerie!

Functional Nutritionist and Restorative Wellness Practitioner

Grain-free breakfast recipes

Ready to start your day off with real whole-food meals, without compromising on taste? Grab my favorite grain-free breakfast recipes now. Did I mention they're free?!


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